World Trip
Bahama, India, Canada, Australia, India, Nevada - all these and many other places are waiting for you if you download this collection. The very scenic and attractive places of the whole world including nature spots, architecture and beautiful beaches are gathered in this presentation.

The file size is 6.8 Mb.
Report shots 2007-2008
This is the unique and unforgettable collection of report shots for 2007 and 2008 years. It will show you original photo pictures of politics, actors and not only them. You are going to see interesting photo stills of animals, nature and people. Everything is coming with one of Antonio Vivaldi concerts.

The file size is 7 Mb.
This is a reach game of colors accompanied by Johann Bach. Whole the presentation consists of different black&white pictures and the color copy of each one showing a harmony of both compositions. Check it out!

The file size is 6.7 Mb.
Would you like to go to a short trip to the Chineese beauty? This collection will bring you to nature of China with it's forests, lakes, cities, people and national culture. Marvellous photography completed with chinese classical music "Erhu - Flowerdrum".

The file size is 5.7 Mb.
This is the wonderful set of shots. Some of them are "The winners" and took awards on photographers competitions. Rish colors, many interesting and creative ideas. This beauty comes with breath taking cosmic mood of Plaid "Sincetta".

The file size is 2.8 Mb.