The admirable duet of two Germans: Laoen the photographer and Kattoo the composer. This is delightful collection of different picture topics such as animals, nature landscapes, people, interiors, etc. Rich colors and wide range of unique shots harmonize excellent with the music ambience.

The file size is 4 Mb.
The Best of Moscow and Kiev
Let me invite you to the most beautiful and wonderful world of architecture constructions from Europe. Vidid and majestic buildings, churches, temples will possess your attention during four minutes. Expressive sounds of talented german IDM (intelligent dance music) composer Kattoo are excellent addition to such a photo tour. This is a collection of best architecture of two capitals: Kiev (Ukraine) and Moscow (Russia).

The file size is 8.2 Mb (deserves to be watched).
This is a greatest collection of pictures from different places of Canada. These pictures are taken in various seasons. Here you will see nice observation points, spectacular sunrises and sunsets, rocky mountains and famous Canadian lakes.
Almost 80 pictures of many beautiful nature spots and animals in the collection are accompanied with the frolicsome music from DJ Nick.
The file size is 6.4 Mb. Enjoy!
Check out one of the best pictures of Guangxi province from China. Unbelievable atmosphere of Chinese life and amazing nature will remain in your memory after viewing.

This presentation will bring you to lakes, fields, mountains and sun - just watch and listen calm music from Buddha and Bonsai.
The file size is 2.2 Mb.
Why don't you go through unforgettable winter landscapes of whole world combined by Michael Ekim?

This pictures will sink you into lakes and deep seas, beautiful glaciers and winter mountains. Don't forget to turn your speakers on to listen to the thoughtful topic from Beef Cake.
The file size is 3.9 Mb.